Monday, January 7, 2008

Fremont Fat ass 50k. January 26 at 8am be there or be square..................

You've probably heard that the MiWok 100K filled within 15 minutes. Registering for ultras has become as competitively vicious as the New York Stock Exchange!

If, like me and my homegirl Catra, you didn't get into an event that you always want to do, we offer this alternative that is truly the bomb: the Fremont 50K on 1/26/08.

Here's some basic information on the run. There's more parking there than at Gibson Ranch or Squaw Valley or (dare I say it?) Rodeo Lagoon.


The Fremont 50K for 2008 will occur Saturday 1/26, at 8AM at Quarry Lakes Regional Park in Fremont. We'll start from the Quarry Lakes Parking area near the Ensenada Picnic Area (turn RIGHT immediately after you pass through the park entrance). The parking fee is $5.00; the parking lot at Quarry Lakes is the size of the lot for a major Big Box Retail shopping center so I think everyone will be accommodated. There are restrooms and drinking fountains near the large pagoda covered picnic areas.

If you don't want to pay the park entrance fee, you may be able to park at the Isherwood Staging Area--although this place tends to fill up if the weather is nice.

These are the directions to reach Quarry Lakes:

From I-880 in Fremont, take the Decoto Road exit east and proceed to Paseo Padre Parkway. Turn right on Paseo Padre, then left on Isherwood Way. Proceed to the park entrance on the right. From Mission Blvd (Hwy. 238) in Fremont, turn south on Nursery Ave. (away from the hills) and right (west) on Niles Blvd. Turn left on Osprey Drive and left on Quarry Lakes Drive. Proceed to the park entrance on the left.

You can learn more about this park by going to the EBRPD website:


You'll need to be self-supported for this run. Drinking water and restrooms are available at Quarry Lakes, Niles Community Park, a park in Union City that's just off the Alameda Creek Trail, and in Coyote Hills.

These are the websites for the Alameda Creek Trail and Coyote Hills:

Please let me know if you're interested in this run. I hope to see some of you there that Saturday. I expect about 20 runners. We'll have some maps there but not enough for everyone; I suggest running in a group as much as possible.

I'd really appreciate anyone who has a GPS to bring it along so we can get several measurements of the course. We're still thinking about making this into an official wintertime 50K race.

Feel free to call me if you have questions--work is the best place--and the number is below. My cell phone is (510) 384-2012.


Kevin Luu said...

Yeah, bummer on the Miwok 100K thing. I tried to register at 9:04am and lo and behold, it was full! :(

Anyway, I've been an avid reader of Catra's great blog, dirtdiva, and the Fremont Fat Ass 50K sounds tight. Is there a sign-up somewhere so that you can keep track of the # of entries?


Kevin (work in progress)

Kevin Luu said...

By the way, happy belated b-day Catra

Catra said...

Hey Kevin Just post on here that you want to run it. It is a fun run. There is water along the course but your self supported we had a good turn out last year. Just let me know if your coming.

Eudemus said...

I'm afraid I won't be joining y'all this year since I am going to be in Costa Rica that weekend. Oh well. No flat, fast courses for me this year. Have fun out there!

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

I have to work in Fremont until midnight the night before, so I'm thinking of sleeping badly in the call room and then jogging over to Quarry Lakes (or bumming a short ride). I'm going to try to convince my wife to come down with her bikes with the kids around 10 or 11 and I can stroller the the last part, being a fat ass event on a wide path, and thus spend quality time with family. So, about 65% change. Will update. If I come will bring my Garmin.

Happy birthday, too, belated!

Hey, I think I can tag you with the 6 questions-- I don't think you've been tagged yet...

Marc and Tanya said...

Sounds like fun, sorry we can't make it. But we will see you in Texas (RR100). If you forgot who we are check us out at.

See ya,
Marc and Tanya

Catra said...

Hey Mark awesome that would be great! And that would be awesome for your wife & kids to come. Quarry lakes is such a wonderful place for the kids. Lot's of birds and things for their little eyes to see.
I'm happy you will be joining us.
I haven't been tagged yet. Well I think I was but I was on the PCT. send it to my
and I will post my answers there.

Catra said...

Hey Marc & Tanya of course I know who you guys are. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Texas YEEE HAAAA.

Catra said...

Oh Sure Steve go to Costa Rica and miss the Fat ASS what's wrong with you!! LOL...Just kidding. Hey if you want to run it solo before you go I will post your time. And give you a finish it's a Fat Ass so If I say you can run it solo you can. If you need a map let me know and I will have Jerry email you what. Just let me know.

Scott said...

I should be able to make it to this Fat Ass 50K, sounds like fun!

Catra said...

Great scott we'll see you there.

Jose (Jay-S) said...


Greetings! For the Fremont 50k, will you be getting there early? If I can make it, should I be looking for you somewhere near a landmark? This race will be great for those of us frustrated with not getting into Miwok! Hope you're having a great week!


Catra said...

You will want to park inside Quarry lakes when you pass the kiosk make a right and park near the bathrooms. I should be there by 7:30am.
I hope you can make it.

Jeff Johnston said...

This sounds like a fun event and I do need to start preparing for some longer runs. Oh yeah, I don't know you all, but I could get to know you!

Count me in!

jeff, you can find out about me on my pathetic blog I hardly update :(

GB said...

Hi Catra, I know you're in Hawaii running the HURT right now. I hope you're kicking butt!

Can you tell me which would be a better FIRST Ultra for me to do? The Quicksilver 50K in San Jose or the Ohlone 50K? Bear in mind I am just a marathoner and both races are scheduled about one month after I run Boston.

I really want to do an Ultra and I think a 50K is a good distance to start with. If you can let me know which one you recommend for a first timer, I'd appreciate it!!! Thanks!

Kevin Luu said...

Have to skip this one due to conflicting schedules. Have fun out there and hope the Hurt 100 was a blast.

Brad said...

Hi Catra!
Just got back from the mountains in New Mexico and was told by Jeff J. that we will be coming down to join you. (Got to love running buddies!)

I'll finally get to meet you!

Catra said...

Hey Gb-
Go with Ohlone 50k it's where I train you will love it super beautiful. I could take you out on the course sometime.

Catra said...

Hi Jeff-
Great looking forward to seeing you!

Catra said...

I'm so excited to finally get to meet you!! Woo Hoo see you Saturday!

GB said...

Hey Catra, thanks for the input. I am officially registered for the Ohlone 50K and can't wait!

I'm currently training for Boston and hope to get some trail running in there sometime before the 50K. I'll keep a lookout on your blogs for when organize some runs and I hope to make at least one of them!

janet said...

Hey Catra,

My buddy Luis and I are thinking about running this. Unfortunately I'm getting the evil flu and I'm not sure I can make it through the whole 50k. Can you tell me about the route -- is it loops, or one big loop, or what? If I know that I can bail out partway through if I'm sick, that would probably encourage me to come on out in the rain. :)

Thanks for hosting! Hope you're healing well from HURT.


Eudemus said...

We had to postpone our Costa Rica trip so this weekend is back open for me. The storm and limited time have kept me from taking another option to run up in Marin tomorrow so count me "in" for the FA. It looks like it will be a wet and windy run out there!

Eudemus said...

Janet, in case Catra doesn't have time to reply, the course we used last year provide many options for heading back early. We started at Quarry Lakes then basically did a double out-and-back on the Alameda Creek Trail heading to Niles and back first and then out to do a loop around Coyote Hills before returning to the Quarry. You can find maps of the various parks/trails at the following site:

Catra said...

Hi Janet-
Sounds like steve gave you the info. You can't get lost and I will have maps. There will be others just doing 13 miles so no worries go as far as you want. I hope to see you guys.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Hey, I just got off work, maybe less than 7 hours before this hits the fan. I think I'm still coming!

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...
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Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

okay, I'm going to bed now. hey, isn't anyone else out there? like, are you all sleeping?