Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catra "Dirt Diva" and Mikey Mike your RD's for the FFA 50k
Coyote hills
Catra running strong
Luis, Janet, Kim, Mikey and Jerry

50k finishers and times.....
1.-Ron Duncan-4:56
2.-Kap'n Kirk-5:14
3.-Baldwyn Chieh-5:14
4.-F.J Jerry Roninger-5:26
5.-"Dirt Diva Catra Corbett 5:35
6.-Luis Valasquez 5:37
7.-Janet Thompson-5:37
8.-Nile Sousa-5:38
9.-Kim Evanson-5:39
10-Dave Wright-5:58
11.-Romona vogt-6:04
12.-David Dreymes -6:11
13.-Cynthia Moore-6:11
14.-Jim Winne-6:34
15.-Steve Ansell 6:37
16.-Barb Elia-6:57

17.-Mylinh Nyguen-7:00
18.-Joe Pham-7:01
1.-Linda McFadden 7:01(33 miles)

Other distances:::
1-Mikey Mike Palmer 5:23 (30 miles)
2-Chiping Fu-5:00(26 miles)
3-Dennis Conner 5:00 (42k)

4-Susan Hu 4:10 (21.50 miles)
5-Soraya Scheibel 4:10 (20:66 miles)
6-Lindsy King 3:40 (20m)
7-Sara Petty 1:27 (8 miles)

Runners at the water stop.
Catra and Kim showing off our atalanta skirts
Catra and Linda McFadden
Janet, Mike, Kim and Luis
Congrats. to all finishers of the Fremont Fat ass 50k
We had some where around 30 runners who came out to run along the course 24 started from the official start in Quarry lakes others runners showed up out on the course just run a little knowing we were out there.
Thanks to Jerry for the awesome maps and Chiping for the aid station.
Also thanks to the overall winner Ron Duncan for all the Pizzas , beer and soda.
The weather was great overall. Overcast with a little rain but not much the temp. was perfect for running.
This was the 3rd year Mikey Mike and I have been RD's for this awesome flat fast course. Everyone seems to like it so we keep doing it.
I got the chance to run and meet some very cool people. That's why I love running everyone is so nice. We had some fast runners out there today and I held my own, my goal was under 6 hours and I ran a 5:35 and didn't push at all..It's all about crossfit people...Makes you stronger I swear..Oh my Pose running form really works. Makes me a more efficient runner. I was not planning on being the first place female but pull away from Kim and Janet at the aid station with 8 miles to go. I just put my mp3 player on and went for it.
I want to thank everyone for coming out and hopefully we will do it again next. Awesome job everyone.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's that time again kids. The Fremont Fat Ass 50K.
January 24th 8am
It's time again for the 3rd annual FFA 50k. Mike Palmer and myself are inviting anyone who wants to come out and have a lot of fun. It will be the same course as last year. You should carry at least 1 bottle and snacks. There are no aid station or awards it's just a fun run. So no whinning . There are places to get water about every 3-5 miles, we will provide detailed maps made by FJ Jerry Roninger at the start.
The start is at Quarry lakes East bay regional park in Fremont.
The Fremont 50K for 2008 will occur Saturday 1/24, at 8AM at Quarry Lakes Regional Park in Fremont. We'll start from the Quarry Lakes Parking area near the Ensenada Picnic Area (turn RIGHT immediately after you pass through the park entrance). The parking fee is $5.00; the parking lot at Quarry Lakes is the size of the lot for a major Big Box Retail shopping center so I think everyone will be accommodated. There are restrooms and drinking fountains near the large pagoda covered picnic areas.

If you don't want to pay the park entrance fee, you may be able to park at the Isherwood Staging Area--although this place tends to fill up if the weather is nice.

These are the directions to reach Quarry Lakes:

From I-880 in Fremont, take the Decoto Road exit east and proceed to Paseo Padre Parkway. Turn right on Paseo Padre, then left on Isherwood Way. Proceed to the park entrance on the right. From Mission Blvd (Hwy. 238) in Fremont, turn south on Nursery Ave. (away from the hills) and right (west) on Niles Blvd. Turn left on Osprey Drive and left on Quarry Lakes Drive. Proceed to the park entrance on the left.

You can learn more about this park by going to the EBRPD website:


You'll need to be self-supported for this run. Drinking water and restrooms are available at Quarry Lakes, Niles Community Park, a park in Union City that's just off the Alameda Creek Trail, and in Coyote Hills.

These are the websites for the Alameda Creek Trail and Coyote Hills:

Please let me know if you're interested in this run. I hope to see some of you there that Saturday. I expect about 20 runners. We'll have some maps there but not enough for everyone; I suggest running in a group as much as possible.

I'd really appreciate anyone who has a GPS to bring it along so we can get several measurements of the course. We're still thinking about making this into an official wintertime 50K race.

Feel free to call me if you have questions--work is the best place--and the number is below. My cell phone is (510) 384-2012.