Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catra "Dirt Diva" and Mikey Mike your RD's for the FFA 50k
Coyote hills
Catra running strong
Luis, Janet, Kim, Mikey and Jerry

50k finishers and times.....
1.-Ron Duncan-4:56
2.-Kap'n Kirk-5:14
3.-Baldwyn Chieh-5:14
4.-F.J Jerry Roninger-5:26
5.-"Dirt Diva Catra Corbett 5:35
6.-Luis Valasquez 5:37
7.-Janet Thompson-5:37
8.-Nile Sousa-5:38
9.-Kim Evanson-5:39
10-Dave Wright-5:58
11.-Romona vogt-6:04
12.-David Dreymes -6:11
13.-Cynthia Moore-6:11
14.-Jim Winne-6:34
15.-Steve Ansell 6:37
16.-Barb Elia-6:57

17.-Mylinh Nyguen-7:00
18.-Joe Pham-7:01
1.-Linda McFadden 7:01(33 miles)

Other distances:::
1-Mikey Mike Palmer 5:23 (30 miles)
2-Chiping Fu-5:00(26 miles)
3-Dennis Conner 5:00 (42k)

4-Susan Hu 4:10 (21.50 miles)
5-Soraya Scheibel 4:10 (20:66 miles)
6-Lindsy King 3:40 (20m)
7-Sara Petty 1:27 (8 miles)


Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Thanks so much for organizing this, Mike and Catra. It was a good course (hardly any mud considering) and we appreciated the opportunity to run with some great people! Thanks again!


Eudemus said...

Huge thanks to Mike and Catra for another great FFA!

Catra said...

Hey Cynthia I'm so glad you guys made it out it was so fun. And that was so sweet of Ron to supply Pizza and Beer.
Hope all is well.

Catra said...

I am so happy you decided to stick it out and do the whole thing. You rock. Hopefully you will be fully recovered in no time.

Eudemus said...

Thanks Catra. I did just under 10 miles with my wife on Sunday so I think the calf is pretty much recovered. Now it is just a matter of conditioning because I shouldn't be this sore after running that slow.

Ron said...

Hey Catra, a big thanks to you and Mike for organizing this once again. It's a great run to get the year started! I think this is a "friendly" course and quite beautiful around the Coyote Hills. I hope you keep this event going year after year. I suggest keeping the "tradition" that the first finisher picks up the pizza and beer!