Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fremont Fat Ass 50k.....
We had a great turn out for the 2nd annual FFA 50k. Of course half of you wimped out thinking it was going to rain...HAA HAA it didn't.
We all had fun and I think the only two people who were complaining on the corse were the two people who ran Ultras last week Ernesto who ran a 50k and me who ran a 100k.

front:Catra, l to r, Mike Palmer, Mark Tanaka, Ernesto Matal Sol, Steve Ansell
top row l to r, clare Abram, Scott LaBerge, Romona Voyt, Rob Byrn, Scott Fulton, Chiping Fu & Brian Koo

Brian leading the pack at the Niles turn around.
Steve Ansell fast and furious. Chiping in the background
Ramona leading Mike & Scott under the bridge.

FREMONT FAT ASS 50K finishers.

1. Brian koo- 4:50

2. Steve Ansell-4:57

3. Rob Byrn- (33.57 m) 5:14

4. Mark Tanka (33.57) 5:14

5. Clare Abram 5:14

6. Scott LaBerge-5:14

7. Mike Palmer-5:41

8. Catra Corbett-5:44

9. Dave Wright-5:49

11. Barb Ellia- (28) 6:00

12 Linda McFadden-(28) 6:00

13. Scott Fulton-(28) 6:40


Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Catra, Nice pics, great weather (I credit you with not only the lack of rain, but actually perfect running conditions--okay, maybe a little windy), and a fun time. Thanks!

Eudemus said...

Thanks to Catra and Mike for organizing the run. However, I take credit for the lack of rain having purchased a new running rain jacket the night before (of course Catra sold it to me). And, Mark, thanks for giving me the once in a lifetime experience of seeing you finish a race AFTER me even if you did have to run a few extra miles to make it happen :-)

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

What a perfect running weather in-between the storms! Very nice to see everyone. I took some pictures - Fremont Fat Ass 50K. Enjoy them and feel free to comment and download.

Congrats to Steve Ansell to make a sub-5hr goal!

Thanks Mike and Catra!

still sore due to lack of training :-(

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Btw, I was never off course, but my Forerunner 305 showed 35.5 Miles after 7 hours. This includes the exact 5 miles from my home to the S/F. Therefore, the course is 30.5 miles according to my GPS, but the 50K distance should be right because the GPS normally reports about 2% shorter.

My first 50K was about 5:30. With my son's company, I struggled for the last few miles to the finish with my PF acting on.


Eudemus said...

My GPS measured around 30.3 just before the finish, but I went and did a little more around the Quarry Lakes since I had a personal goal to hit and wanted to make sure I ran a full 50K.

Catra said that she and Mike did a little extra distance to where they would put aid stations in a real race. I am not sure what spots these are, but perhaps it is at William Cann Park and/or at the Alameda Creek Stables staging area.